End of life planning is a vast topic.  This page is purely to serve as a prompter for some of the end of life planning you may want to consider putting in place including:-

  • An up to date Will
  • Advance Care Directive
  • Appointment of a Guardian
  • Appointment of a Medical Power of Attorney
  • Wishes re Organ Donation
  • Wishes re Voluntary Assisted Dying
  • Choosing a Funeral Director
  • Pre-planning your funeral

Funeral Content Planning

If it is incredibly important to you to have the exact type of funeral or memorial service you want, I can assist you with pre-planning the content of your funeral or memorial service, including documenting your wishes around the format, working with you to write your eulogy, writing any messages you would like conveyed, and any other details you feel you need covered off.

Emotional Will

I can also assist you with preparing an Emotional Will for those special to you.   If you're intrigued, Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries have produced this article on the topic. Matters of the Heart - writing an emotional will

On a final note, please always ensure that more than one person knows where your end of life planning documents are kept and keep them in a safe place.