I take great pride in creating beautiful ceremonies to celebrate life whilst nourishing the hearts of those who are grieving. The crafting of each funeral service begins with a blank page that is built upon.

Once you have met with your chosen Funeral Director, I will then work with you to ensure the funeral for your loved one truly captures the unique individual they were, leaving you and those who attend the funeral service with a memorable and positive experience.

After initial contact, we will arrange to meet, preferably in person (or via Zoom if necessary). During that time we will have a very in-depth conversation about the person who has passed, discuss their wishes for their end of life event if they were conveyed to you and if not, consider what their wishes may have been, and we will also chat about what you would like to happen on the day.  I will gather information on how you would like me to be involved on the day as there are options. I can present an entire funeral or be the MC if others would like to lead parts of the service. We will discuss the writing of the eulogy or life story(if this is to be included on the day) and who read them on the day.  I'm more than happy to assist with writing and reading on the day as needed and am always available to step in if emotions become too intense.  A copy of the entire service will be sent to the key contact for sign-off with the opportunity for changes to be made. Other things to consider include music, photos, tributes to be read by others (or woven into the service if someone is not attending in person), displays, and rituals.

Rituals can form an important part of a funeral to provide an opportunity for family members, or indeed all in attendance to be involved in some way. Active participation in rituals can also assist with the grieving process. Suitable rituals can go beyond the laying of a floral tribute on the coffin at the end of the service, although this is always a beautiful ritual to include.  

There are so many more options available for funerals right now. Funerals have evolved and continue to do so! You may want to consider an external venue, a natural burial, a more environmentally friendly coffin etc to reflect and fulfil the wishes of your person. I will leave a link to the two natural burial places in Adelaide at the end of this page if that's an option for consideration.

You will have a lot to do and many decisions to make in between your person's passing and the funeral. When booking the date of the funeral service, not rushing to get it over with is incredibly important.  This honours the preparation time required and will ensure that all timelines can be met. If you have quite a few people who would like to read tributes or you might like to have a longer photo tribute screened (or both), I would highly recommend you book double chapel time if the service is being held at a funeral home or external venue where there may be time limitations.  Rushing through or needing to cut short a celebration of life on the day isn't ideal.  I encourage you to discuss this with the Funeral Director at your initial meeting.

As your Funeral Celebrant, I will liaise as needed with the Funeral Director and be there for you on the day of the funeral as a calming presence at the chosen venue and graveside if a burial is also being conducted.  

I am also available to assist you with Living Funerals, sometimes known as Living Wakes, which are an option when a person has received a terminal health diagnosis.  Please reach out if you would like to have a chat about this option.  A living funeral, or living wake certainly isn't for everyone, but it can bring great peace and comfort to the person whose life is coming to an end to experience the richness of a gathering of people they love, allowing the luxury of sacred time for people to say what really needs to be said to each other.  If considering this option, please be mindful that it is best to arrange it for a time when the person being honoured and celebrated will still be able to fully participate.

For information on natural burials in Adelaide - Adelaide Cemeteries Authority