To avoid any confusion, the "eulogy" I am referring to below is your loved one's life story.  If there are significant recollections being presented by friends and family members (tributes), then you may decide you don't need a "eulogy" included in the ceremony in it's traditional form.  There are so many options - beginning a life story at the time of birth and finishing it with when the person died is not essential.  Eulogy preparation can be a time for creativity!

If you have opted not to engage a Funeral Celebrant to lead the ceremony and are in need of a eulogy, I can certainly write this for you, including a visit with family as I would do if engaged as the Funeral Celebrant, providing there is adequate time before the funeral or memorial takes place.  Another option is for me to complete a review of what you have written if you think it could do with some improvement, an edit, or perhaps just a little more structure.  Words of family members and friends will always come across as being so much more authentic given the personal connection to the person whose life is being celebrated.  

With a eulogy, I completely understand what it's like to try and recall all of the important details of a lifetime at a time when you may be severely sleep deprived, numb, distraught, highly emotional and there is a growing "to do list" to prepare other items (and people) for your loved one's end of life celebration.  I've been there myself. When my Dad died, despite my passion for writing, I very willingly handed this job over to the wonderful Funeral Celebrant I had engaged.  Brain fog and exhaustion at the time meant that I couldn't begin to fathom how to write his life story in a meaningful way.  What I could manage was to provide all of the "facts" for it to be written, and I then wrote a personal tribute that was read separately. This honoured what I was emotionally and physically capable of at the time.   There is no judgement by me as a Funeral Celebrant - you need to do what works for you at the time to honour your emotional state and look after your wellbeing without adding any further stress to an already challenging time.

Some words of comfort for those delivering a eulogy or tribute at an upcoming funeral or memorial - nobody expects a perfect delivery when family and friends are courageous enough to stand up in front of a gathering. They will be immensely appreciative that you have had a go and done your best.  I've stood in your shoes delivering a eulogy and a tribute for my Mum, I know how it can feel.

If you do need assistance in the writing or review of a eulogy, including a list of questions to ponder when writing one, I'm here to help, so please make contact.  Fees for this service are dependent upon the work required, averaging $50 per hour or part thereof.