A memorial service can be held either soon or some time after a cremation, and often follows a small private funeral.  As with a funeral, a memorial service provides a time of significance to honour, reflect on and celebrate the life of the person who has passed and helps to give those who attend a sense of closure. 

More and more people are choosing a direct cremation with no family and friends present, resulting in a growing number of memorial services being held afterwards.

Memorial services allow greater flexibility on venue and location - there are options galore, and may incorporate a scattering or interment of ashes. Arrangements for a Memorial Service can be made through most Funeral Directors if wanting to use a Funeral Director's chapel, or by directly making contact with your chosen Celebrant.  The only difference being there is no physical body present at the service.

To plan a memorial service for your loved one, I will work with you in a similar way that I would for a funeral service, keeping in mind that the format of the service may be formal or much less formal.  

If you are planning to scatter ashes in any public spaces, or on a property belonging to someone else, please always seek prior permission from the local council or property owner to do this.

If the ashes of your loved one are to be kept in your home afterwards, there are some beautiful options available including glassware, keepsake jewellery and stunning urns that you might like to explore.  Please visit my Resources page for more information.